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   The Club of Popular Sports Gelendshik were formed in February 2003 to foster fun and companionship in walking and to promote Volkssport events.  Our walks are fun events where all who participate are winners.  Our goal is to get outdoors, exercise without competition, meet new friends, enjoy the fresh air, and most importantly just feel better.

   Our typical walk is 15 kilometers and lasts about 3 to 4 hours depending on your individual walking pace.  We also sponsor shorter 5 - 8 km walks and longer 40 - 80 km walks.  Most walks take place on weekends and are specifically laid out to maximize the area's scenic beauty.

   The Club of Popular Sports Gelendshik is just one of hundreds of similar Volkssport walking clubs throughout the world.  Anyone is eligible to participate and there are no fees required unless you wish to receive an award or credit for a specific event.

   The town Gelendshik is a resort on Blackseacoast of Caucasus in Krasnodar region, Russia. Average temperature of the July is +24 degrees, average temperature of the January is +5 degrees. A snow we can see in mountains.

   In our town You can see:
more than 100 of ancient dolmens and
   prehistoric sculptures of stone heads.

   If you need additional information, phone to Vladimir Kosolapov, Club of Popular Sports Gelendshik, President:007 86141 5-35-02 or
Our address: ul. Lomonosova 5a, Rus-353475, Gelendzhik, Russia


Кликнуть для увеличения

   Here You can see an Ancient Pilgrimage of our partner in Great Britain from France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.